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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Pricing and discounts

Price of all products and discounts are based on the information currently shown on our website.


All products will be invoiced only in Hong Kong dollars (HKD), non-Hong Kong users are required to pay by credit cards in Hong Kong dollars.

Delivery time

In general, it will take 4 weeks for the product to arrive at the specified location. Any alternations made after order placement will delay the delivery time.

Credit cards

Transaction process

Enter website> Fill in Shipping / Payment Information> Continue> Confirm Order> Enter Credit Card Information> Confirm Transaction

We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal.

During the transaction process, we provide a server using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the information entered by the user for the security of information.

When an order is placed, we need the following details of the user: name, email address, contact number, postal address, credit card number and credit card expiry date to process and complete the order. No person may, without permission, gain access to these data. In addition, the order shall go through multiple layers of verification by the credit card centre.

Delivery and Collect

Hong Kong and Macau

Delivery fee is HKD200 per set or HKD100 per book.

Delivery time in the office hours, delivery must be signed mail, in order to ensure delivery smoothly, it is recommended to the office address as the recipient address. During delivery, if no one sign, we will arrange to re-delivery once. If there is no sign in the second delivery, the mail will be returned, the order payment, paid postage and the product will not be reimbursed.

Delivery within Hong Kong does not include all outlying islands, government restricted areas and PO Box addresses.

Mainland China, Taiwan and overseas regions

Delivery cost is applied upon the number of album

Mainland China HKD230 per set or HKD115 per book

Asian regions HKD1,500 per set or HKD750 per book

European, US and Canadian regions HKD2,200 per set or HKD1,100 per book

Delivery cost adjustment

Delivery cost will be adjusted according to the weight of the product and the delivery area, including the following:

  1. The cost is calculated for one album, extra cost will be applied if the album overweighed. We will notify you the extra delivery cost and payment method by email before we send out the album(s). Delivery will be arranged after we received the additional cost.
  2. If courier service is required, the user has to bear the cost.
  3. If the mailing address lies in remote areas, "remote area surcharge" will be applied. We will notify you the extra delivery cost and payment method by email before we send out the album(s).


All international delivery parcels will be marked with "printed matter" and the net value will be declared for customs process. Local customs might impose customs clearance tax or duties when the parcel arrives at the destination. The amount of tax varies in different countries or regions, we are not in a position to negotiate the relevant cost. The user has to bear this cost. Details can be found at the local customs office.

In accordance with imported and exported cargo examination process in various countries, in general, no extra cost will be applied. However, according to the “Import and Export Declaration Charges and Rules” or the relevant laws of various countries, “special examination charge will be applied if the cargo examination requires moving, disassembling or unpacking, or restoring”. If the product is sampled for examination, the user will be responsible for the examination cost. In the case that the user does not wish to bear the cost, the product will be returned to Hong Kong and the cost be borne by the user.

Pick up at designated locations

Users can pick up the albums at the designated location within the dates shown on the pickup notice. To facilitate our staff to check your basic information, please bring along valid Hong Kong identity card or passport for picking up.

If the user does not pick up in the dates shown on the pickup notice, the product will be returned. We will keep the product for 10 extra days. However, if the user fails to contact us for picking up, the order will be automatically cancelled, without returning the deposit and the product. A re-order has to be placed if the user still requires the product.

Order management


No alternation of the order will be entertained. The selected shipping method, recipient, payment information and other information cannot be modified once confirmed.

Order Cancellation

No cancellation order will entertained, except:

  1. Product information on our website is not clear, wrong or misleading, leading to the misplacement of orders;
  2. Availability is misleading, causing the placement of order for out of stock products;
  3. The product has been out of print, the order cannot be completed.

Goods Return

Please contact our Customer Service Team in case of the product received is discovered with the following errors:

Printing: including wrong pages and printing;

Binding: including flip, missing and misplaced pages;

Placement: the wrong product was delivered

Delivery: delivery error, an incorrect product was sent

Please provide order number, return reason, contact details for the request of product return. We will process the return request or exchange as soon as possible. Please keep the order and confirmation for the return.

Customer Service Team: (852) 3579-4900 /

Return procedure

Please contact our Customer Service Team for an order return order and provide order number, reason for return, contact details, etc. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Customer Service Team: (852) 3579-4900 /

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is bank charge included in the shipping fee?

A: Yes, bank charge is already included in the shipping fee.

Q: If the product I ordered are delivered in batches, how would you calculate the shipping fees?

A: The shipping fees are on per set basis. No matter the sets are delivered in batches or in one-go, the shipping fee will be the same.

Q: If I find that the books delivered are incorrect or incomplete, what should I do?

A: If the product delivered are incorrect or incomplete (including printing and binding errors), please keep the products in good condition and contact us within 7 days. After investigation and confirmation, we will arrange replacements as soon as possible. For local customers, it could be processed by post or in person in the available pick-up locations. If customers made wrong orders themselves, there will be no replacement or refund.

Return/refund policy

Return/refund policy


Delivery policy

Delivery policy



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